My Birthday Celebration

Last Wednesday, September 15, I celebrated my 28th birthday. I thought that day would be just a regular day since I had my DFA Passport appointment.

10 in the morning, I was already in DFA and my wife went to Mall of Asia so she could roam around while I was processing my passport. However, I wasn’t aware that she had a surprise for me. After my DFA appointment, I went to Mall of Asia to meet my wife and have a lunch date with her.

We ate Kare-Kare and Bistek flakes at KKK. After we finished eating our sumptuous meal, I was ready calling the waiter to get our bill, however, I was surprised when a guy placed a plate full of cupcakes on our table and it says “Happy 28th birthday Monch. I (heart) you. From Iris”. I was really stunned but happy.

This is not the first time I received personalized gifts from my wife but this will be the most unforgettable surprise I got from her. I really appreciate it since the value of personalized presents is way various compare to those you are able to purchase at any shops. Coffee mugs, photo frames, keychain, or photo ornaments are just few examples of ordinary products, but when personalized, they are able to already bring extra regular joy for your love types.

Note: Apoligies for the non-tech related post. However, I just wanted to share this to all my readers

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