Surface Tension gets transformed Arcane Arcade Table to your living room

The furniture techniques that have developed based on the concepts of modernism are called modern furniture. Modern furniture has changed the entire viewpoint of people towards furniture in general. The term ‘Modern’ reflects more of an inherent approach of a person towards life than the physical appearance. It signifies the adaptability towards change.

Speaking of modern furniture, the Surface Tension’s Arcane Arcade Table has been tweaked with some more nitty-gritty to keep us wanting for more. The upgraded Surface Tension Arcane Arcade Coffee Table gets the Sonos ZP90 wireless ZonePlayer, so that Arcane Arcade Table is also part of your Sonos network now, where from you can listen to music.

Other than this, the Arcade Table has also been upgraded from 19-inch to 26-inch LCD size. The Arcane Surface Tension Table has been refined with better keyboard, mouse and storage. The table that has Intel i7 CPU, 8GB 1366 DDR3 RAM and 256GB SSD comes with hi-gloss sides and the slightly longer control panel housing 2 x 7-button layouts and a spinner. The Arcane Arcade table is shipping with Windows 7.

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