ASUS Unveils new Technologies For more Intelligent Computing

I was recently invited by ASUS to attend their “ASUS Technical Seminar” held in EDSA Shangri-la Hotel. They primarily proved once again that they are one of the world’s top computer manufacturers by unveiling some of their newly launched PC components and multimedia products that offer faster, more reliable and more stable computing solutions.

Local PC enthusiasts, technical media editors and power users gathered and experienced these new innovative technologies at the said seminar. Ryan Yu, based in Cebu tech TV show, Tech Island, together with local ASUS representatives, presented new products that are perfect for gamers, enthusiasts, and PC lovers.

Being one of the world’s bestselling and most awarded motherboard brands, ASUS presented new technologies in their computer main boards such as the Dual Intelligent Processor that offers 37% faster PC performance and 80% energy saving so PC users can do more without the hassle of higher electricity bills.

Other mobos (some tech term for motherboard) such as the new Crosslinx3 in the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme that gives freedom to users to use multi-GPU set-up in their desktops were showcased at the event.

Ellis Chua, Technical Marketing Specialist of ASUS Technology Philippines Inc. showed off the new Rampage III formula board that offers easy to use tools such as iDirect where users can use their iPhones, iPads, or any wi-fi capable device to maximize performance by overclocking the board without going through the much more complicated processes such as entering the motherboard’s Bios interface.

ASUS also presented some new products that are perfect for media-heavy lifestyle. New graphic cards such as ENGTX460 and EAH6800 series offer exclusive performance-boosting features in a quiet design that people who play graphic intensive games will surely dig in.

Entertainment lovers should have a reason to smile as well as the O! Play HD2 have been a sweet cap off to the seminar. This new media player offers access to online entertainment and can open almost all of the media file types available nowadays. Want more? This is the world’s first media device with USB 3.0 support, which means transferring high definition video and audio can just be done now in minutes!

In line with this, ASUS also unveiled some of their new Motherboard line-up that will hit tech stores this coming few months.

All these innovations were tackled in the spectacular ASUS Technical Event. Innovations that make faster performing machines and much more less complicated to use tools that help PC users and enthusiasts with their computing needs or tasks at work or at play.

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