Philips Activa

Technology and industrialization has revolutionized the way we live and perform daily activities. Exercise and fitness has not escaped being modernized by technology. Many gadgets and accessories have sprouted like mushrooms to accompany and enhance our fitness experience.

If you like to run or walk or use a pull up station, Philips Activa can be your a personal trainer, a pedometer, and a workout tracker. It is a all in a 1” x 1” gadget.

Philips Activa is the only workout buddy you’ll ever need to help get motivated with your exercise routine to take your fitness goal to a higher level. It adds a new dimension and challenge to your workout by competing with yourself and trying to beat your previous – or best – workout.

Smart features like TempoMusic matches the right music with your workout pace, while Vocal Feedback can provide on demand encouragement and feedback. Activa’s pre-loaded software lets you easily track your workout progress on your PC and achieve long-term fitness goals. It also comes value-packed with comfortable sports headphones, armband and body clip in a cool BPA-free drinking bottle.

Product Features
TempoMusic matches your music according to your workout pace
Vocal feedback keeps your workout and stride in check
Smartload easily transfers music
Multisport for a diversified fitness routine
Fullsound brings your MP3 music to life
Fullsound? brings your MP3 music to life

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