Smart hangers guarantee a future of fashionable geeks

Ever since we saw Alicia Silverstone’s fully automated and computerized closet in “Clueless,” we’ve been dreaming of a system that would bring our cluttered wardrobe into the sleek efficiency of the digital age.

A Japanese team of designers called TeamLab gives us a look at the future of shopping with a new interactive fashion installation that automatically coordinates your outfit based on the apparel held in your hand.

TeamLab has come up with a nifty hanger-and-screen setup that shows you what might look good with the item on the hanger

Titled “Coordination,” the exhibit features hangers with embedded sensors associated with the garment on the hanger. When a shopper picks up the hanger, the nearby screens automatically display the various coordinated accessories like lingerie, scarf, hats that would best match the piece in your hand for a complete outfit. The system is still solely a demonstration piece, but TeamLab has already confirmed heavy interest from the top retailers looking deploy the system in their stores in the coming year.

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