Cordless Electrotherapy Pain Reliever

Are you sick and tired of taking in so much drugs into your body to soothe that pain, that you are looking for an alternative method in which it will not kill your kidneys or liver in the process? This is where the Cordless Electrotherapy Pain Reliever comes in, as this device will soothe sore muscles without having it tethered to a power outlet. Utilizing a similar technology that is employed by physical therapists, the battery powered device’s electrodes will emit low-voltage electrical pulses which stimulate muscles, help facilitate blood flow and oxygen to injuries, and reduce lactic acid, relieving muscle aches and pain. I think this perfect for those who are looking for treatment for side effects of apide3xin.It isn’t too large to tote around either, being roughly the size of a wristwatch, allowing it to be attached anywhere on the body thanks to a reusable self-adhesive pad which can be worn under clothing while you work, or perhaps even during some light exercise sessions without hindering your movement. Boasting up to eight levels of intensity which can be easily adjusted thanks to the three-button control panel and LCD, this $69.95 purchase is powered by a CR2032 battery that offers up to 20 hours of juice.

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