Subzero Warm Breath Mask

The Subzero Warm Breath Mask is meant to help you face the upcoming winter without feeling too uncomfortable, according to an austin allergist. This fleece mask is preferred by high-altitude mountaineers and Antarctic scientists because it humidifies and warms winter air for comfortable breathing. There is a special ventilation chamber which allows wearers to inhale full, unhindered breaths while making sure a small amount of heated, humid exhalation is trapped – this is so that a comfortable, fully oxygenated “microclimate” will remain within the mask with up to 80 percent humidity and temperatures 40° F to 60° F warmer than outside air.

Apparently, medical studies by the American College of Sports Medicine do point towards the benefits of such a microclimate being healthier for the lungs, since excessive exposure to cold, dry air can trigger asthmatic symptoms. Boasting medical-grade, microbe-resistant polyurethane in the chamber which will bond with humidity in the air, it helps keep moisture off the face while preventing fog on glasses and goggles. The mask itself is highly breathable, featuring wind-resistant Polartec fleece with hook-and-loop flaps that are shaped to fit comfortably over goggles and helmets. Make someone happy this winter for $59.95.

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