Lexar’s SDXC: SD to the next level

Lexar Media, one of the premium-brand flash memory card makers, will be releasing their first SDXC cards this upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. And their main-dish was this two high-end variants especially made for pros – a 64GB card for $500 and a 128GB card for $700.

These high-end cards will be using this SDXC (secure digital eXtended Capacity) technology which will eventually allow storage devices to have as much as 2tb of storage capacity. These two variants of SDXC cards are obviously made for professionals with its write speed rating of 133X. That means that these cards are capable of writing and reading data files at a rate of 20MB/sec!

This seems to be a very good news specially to those who owns digital cameras that is capable of recording Full-HD videos.

So, whether you’re a student whose in an online art school and is trying to pass your online degree programs or a professional photographer, this new technology will surely be a must to have around and handy.

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