Hot Wheels Toy Cars get an upgrade

Image by Pocket-lint


Hard crashes and bouncy rides can now be possibly viewed, not from above, but from the toy car driver’s eye level with this new upgrade from Hot Wheels.

Such upgrades for a toy are the ones that my “generation” has been dreaming of. Way back, we use to drive our matchbox toy cars by hand. Now, these toys are equipped with a small video camera that can record at 30 to 60 frames per second and later on watch the recorded video at the pre-installed LCD screen at car’s belly.

A special software that is included in the toy’s package can let you cut and edit the recorded videos. I once saw a kid playing one of his recorded videos and all I can see is a video racer kid enjoying every time his car crashes. That made me wonder whether we should read gmac insurance review prior to buying this kind of a toy.


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