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Lately, I’ve been searching for a site or an online store wherein I can upgrade my aging, and sometimes non-functional, car stereo and realized that it wasn’t really easy digging up the world wide web for such an organized and trustworthy site to entrust my hard earned money.

Luckily I stumbled upon this website that caters exactly what I need which is AyosDito.ph. I was really surprised to see a lot of items for sale that I’ve been looking for at an affordable prices! My attention was caught by this particular car stereo that is being sold at almost half of its original price.

AyosDito.ph is an online classified-ads website that offers a lot of stuff such as appliances, electronics, gadgets, car accesories and even for sale cars primarily for the Philippine market.

The site also allows its user to sell their stuff by just registering their name, email, phone number, etc. AyosDito is also an organized buy & sell site as all of their items for sale are sorted out by various categories, a feature that I am exactly looking for when it comes to buying online.

Later on, I figured out that AyosDito has been around for sometime now. I’ve read some positive comments from its users who already transacted using their system. I also remember hearing one happy camper who bought his car from some Japanese used cars exporters who advertised in AyosDito. He says that the transaction went smoothly though he was really hesitant prior to closing the deal because it was his first time dealing online.

Such positive comments made me more decided to give AyosDito a shot and guess what, my new car stereo was just installed yesterday and I was so happy about it!

Have you already tried dealing in AyosDito.ph or on any other online classified-ads website? I appreciate any stories for as long as you share it and let me know if I’m missing something.


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