7 Reasons Why Should I Own an iPad

A very good looking samaritan blogger by the name of Jehzlau with an army of angels at his back whose one of the most renowned  and respected worldwide hosted services, Sherweb, is currently hosting a spanking contest that made my head turn around and made me think of 7 possible reasons why I deserve to win a brand new iPad.

Seriously though, I’ve been longing to have such technology since it was released but I never had the chance to own one due to 7 reasons that you guys would know if only Jehz would’ve asked for it as well.

I am a tech savvy person. I worked for several technical positions that oftentimes challenging and mind twisting but nonetheless, it is fulfilling. I’ve a passion for gadgets and thats mainly the reason why I put up this blog.

I am already married for 3 years at the age of 28. And when you were separated from where you grew up, tons of bills and such kind of stuff will come knocking at your door even when they’re not invited, making it impossible for you to afford such a 21st century toy. And if you were lucky as me, you would lost your job as well like I did. And so here I am now, a full time blogger.

Evidently, I can share gazillion of reasons why should I own an iPad… Fortunately though, I am only required to write 7 of those as my current hosting provider might not be capable as Sherweb in handling such huge bytes of rant, and I’ve been so inspired by the following personalities in sharing my 7 best reasons in winning this contest. lol =)

Let me start off….

  • iNeed Mobility

I am currently starting to manage a travel blog that requires much more time  outdoors.

Most of the time, if you were to travel and blog, there’s this feeling that you’re like obliged to post your getaway experience right away as you were excited to share it with your readers. In some cases, a travel blogger requires to be at a place in no specific time.

It may take a whole day or two for a travel blogger to review a site or a place. Useful app such as “WordPress for iOs” and such apps for different blogging platforms installed in an iPad can dramatically help me and bloggers alike to blog in any place possible. Not only that, since it is already embedded on our DNA, we can now scratch our itch of updating our social status, make a skype phone call, reply to urgent emails, tweet, plurk, roar (roar??!) etc..etc.. whenever and wherever we want! (given that there’s a wifi access).


  • iNeed Innovation

As a tech blogger, I need something that can extend my capabilities and knowledge. Something that can pull me out of my current technical know-hows with current apps available in iPad that Richie Rich is just playing around. Something that can update me with new innovations as iPad’s technology grows over time.

iOS updates and apps are already on queue without us knowing it. An iPad, as originally shipped out of the box today wont be the iPad in the next years to come so its best if I could jump in and bend out of the box with its technology. Who knows one day, you’ll be using my app!


  • iNeed Productivity

An Apple iPad is just merely a toy to others. An eye candy to brag to their friends. A lousy status symbol to some. Dear reader, if you own an iPad, I suggest you maximize its capabilities.

I was introduced to an era where applications should be bought prior to installing it in a computer. I had to keep almost 90% of my allowance each day to afford renting a windows 98 powered computer so I can finish up my paper works and stuff.

Today, nothing much has changed. I still can’t afford to buy myself some applications and programs for my desktop computer. Still slowed down by the system.

On the other hand, countless applications can actually be installed in an iPad that can make us more productive. We can now create, edit, write and even invent with these apps. And the good part is they’re all almost FREE! Nothing can stop us now!

  • iNeed an Investment

Lately I realized that I haven’t got much investment at my age. I had some gadgets that are brittle in terms of usability and posterity. Where are they now? All in a trash, forgotten forever, no value at all.

Gadgets are good investments though. You’ve just got to keep an eye for a gadget that has real value. A sleek DSLR camera paired with fast lenses are a good example.

With this in mind, I can see the future of an iPad becoming a collector’s item.  The first generation of iPad doesn’t have any detachable parts and its built is so sleek and sturdy, a good sign that it can possibly last for a very very long time! With these, I see true value and the possibility of its market value appreciation in time.

  • iNeed Music

Needless to say, an iPad is also an iPod.

People need music. Music can make people cry, laugh or even make you happy.

I am an “ex-performer”. Don’t get me wrong though – I used to work in a bar as an acoustic performer. But times have passed, so many things have changed. I maybe forgot my old renditions but I still love music. I cannot imagine myself in a place without a pitch of music. Nuff said.

  • iNeed Business

As I have mentioned on my first part of this article, I am currently jobless. I am now looking for ways in earning money so that I can sustain and entertain my “uninvited” bills.

I’m currently eyeing for a business in photography. I see a lot of opportunities that I can take advantage of in such field as I love taking photos.

I see this iPad as a tool for my would-be business. A lot of free apps can be used to close my transactions and I can even show off my portfolios to my clients. I can even use an iPad to complete a credit card transaction!

Additionally, I understand the big role of Email to businesses. It is a vital business commodity and every minute of Email server downtime means lost of revenue.  It is where me and my clients would be communicating that’s why I wont settle for anything less than Sherweb Hosted Exchange. Their “Enterprise” package includes a 25 Gb mailbox storage which will be perfect if in case I needed to store my images on my email and later send it to whoever client that requests it. After all, a powerful device such as an Apple iPad deserves a reliable Email host such as the Sherweb Hosted Exchange!

  • iNeed to Reach out

I suck at writing. There are times that I ask myself if blogging is for me but still, I am trying and I wont quit! Honestly, the backspace button on my keyboard is literally abused whenever I write an article (and just like now, my nose is already bleeding after hours of writing this post. lol).

Owning an iPad is a big leap for me as I can post more quality articles for my readers because of its mobility. I can now practice my writing skills more often than usual and at the same time reach out for people that needs information on a daily basis even if I am out travelling, busy doing house chores or managing my would-be photography business.

— Indeed, an Apple iPad is an expensive toy and I wasn’t so fortunate to purchase one for myself. And after enumerating my “7 reasons why should I own an iPad”, I discovered much more reasons as to why I deserve it, which I will be keeping for now if in case Jehz would ask for more. (And for that I “lol”)

*This is my official entry to Mr. Jehzeel Laurente’s “Im giving away an iPad this April” contest.

Special thanks to the kind people of Sherweb, a hosted services committed to keep on developing the most competitive and performing hosting solutions for its clients, for making this contest possible. Kudos to you guys!

Visit https://www.techsterr.com/2011/04/sherweb-nominated-in-octas-2011/ for more info about SherWeb’s recent recognition and to know more about their services.


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