Tutorial: How to import Facebook friends on Google+

If you’re lucky enough to signup for a Google+ beta account, you would think at one point if its possible to add or rather import all of your current facebook friends on your Google circles. Well, your in luck because it is really possible.

A Developer Advocate at Google recently shared this good news and I personally tried it right away after hearing about it while I was looking up for some of my insurance options at wholesaleinsurance.net and it indeed did the trick! Bad news though is that Facebook is doing some efforts in dismantling their platform to block all Google plugins, apps and anything that is associated with the big G so its better you do this now before its too late.

Here’s how its done in a few simple steps:

1. First is to create a yahoo mail account if in case you still haven’t got one.

2. Sign in to your Facebook account and on your yahoo email account on the same browser. Make sure that your facebook page is set on your own wall page while doing the import on your yahoo email.

3.  Go to your yahoo mail main page and click on the ‘contacts’ at the right side of your yahoo mail dashboard to pull up your contacts tab.

4. Under ‘Popular tools‘ on the middle pane, click on ‘import contacts

5. Click on the Facebook icon. Click ‘okay’ on the pop up window. This is to authorize yahoo on your facebook account. Let yahoo do its thing and just wait for it do the import.

6. You’ll know that your Facebook friends have imported when you see something like this:

Click on ‘View imported contacts’.

*You might need to go back to step 4 again if the migration fails. Mine failed twice, seeing ‘0 email addresses added’. It won’t show as an error but it means that there are no contacts have been imported but just do the process again.

7. Click ‘Select All’ tick box to select all of the migrated contacts. Then click ‘Actions’ and choose ‘Export All

8. On the export page click ‘Export Now‘ on ‘Yahoo! CSV‘. Wait for 5 seconds and it’ll pop a window up for you to save the ‘yahoo_ab’ csv file. I suggest you save it on desktop so you can search it easily.

9. Login to your Gmail account. Click ‘Contacts’ on the upper left pane of the page. Click ‘More Actions’ and choose ‘Import

10. Click ‘Choose File‘ and click your csv file saved on desktop. Give your group a name. I labeled mine as ‘Facebook Friends’ and begin the import.

11. Go to your ‘Circles’ and you should see your imported Facebook Friends now filed up under  “Find & Invite”. Add them now to their respective circles or create a new circle and invite them on that circle!

Importing your Facebook friends on Google+ not only is fun but it can give your Google+ experience much more sense specially that Google+ sign ups are just only offered per invites, at least at its beta stages.

Let me know your questions at the comment box below.


  1. Wow, this is great to hear, it will be such an ease to let my facebook friends join me in Google+ as well, i really read your instructions and will do it later after office’ work, thanks a lot for this post 🙂

    • You’re welcome Weng. Dont forget to share it so your FB friends would know about it as well 😀

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