LG Optimus U1: The first ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ device from LG

While LG talks about the possibility of having the Ice Cream Sandwich update for their Optimus 2x, this leaked image surfaced Gsmarena’s official blog just recently. Sporting a thin (so thin that you won’t think that it can still be installed with rechargeable batteries), rectangular bezel, the Optimus U1 looks very much like the Optimus Black with Optimus SU660’s (Korean Optimus 2x) physical button. It is said that the LG Optimus U1 will be launched exclusively in Korea where it will be released under the LG-owned communication network, LG U+.

LG Optimus U1 is also said to be possessing the same 8 megapixel camera found in Optimus 2x and it will be the LG’s first ever Android 4.0 device.

Considering this rumor is true, will you be still buying an LG mobile phone on your next purchase?

[via GsmArena]

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