How to turn your Android Phone into a Smart NetPhone

Smart Communications recently launched their own Android phone (NetPhone 701) that features SmartNet which aims to offer an ‘always on‘ affordable internet service through an IP connectivity, much like how RiM’s BBM service works.

Initially, Smart NetPhone is just a typical Android device installed with a Smartnet app through a SmartNet.apk file that came bundled with it. That means that you can actually turn an Android Phone into a Smart NetPhone.

Here’s how its done:

  • Download smartnet.apk file

Download SmartNet.apk file here

  • Browse through your downloads folder

  • Tap smartnet.apk file and and then press install

I was able to download and install the smartnet.apk file on my LG Optimus 2x just recently and it worked just fine giving me a scott kay jewelry topnotch social experience. I was able to register an account on the app without any issues at all. Be sure to have a strong 3G signal though while registering as the app won’t allow its first time users to register over wi-fi.

Let me know your overall social experience with the app on the comments section below.

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