4 Reasons Internet Faxing is better than Traditional Faxing

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Online faxing is bringing document transmission options to the surface. The traditional fax is falling by the wayside in companies who want to increase productivity, efficiency and worker mobility. A filed worker can now stay up-to-date while on the road.

A small business person can operate a virtual office and do the front line marketing as well. In the past, top quality reliable faxing used to mean a huge fax machine sitting on the table in the corner. The only task the machine is charged with is faxing. Besides having one less office machine to repair, fill with toner, and dust, there are other advantages to online faxing.

Advantages of Using Online Faxing Services

1. Save the planet. Your office can single handedly save the wilderness by opting for online faxing. Consider how much paper a traditional fax machine requires. Paper to send, paper to receive. Then there are all those papers from advertisers that immediately go into the shred machine.

2. Save money. Your office manager will like the sound of online faxing simply because it eliminates the need to buy a separate toner cartridge for the old-fashioned fax machine. Also, the separate telephone line will not be required so you can tell the phone company to reduce the amount of your monthly charges. Long distance charges will be eliminated with online faxing, too.

3. Improve your company image. Online fax services offer better quality final products. Your hardcopy will produce in the same quality as you see on the screen. This is true for your clients you are looking to impress. Best of all there will be no paper jams to deal with.

4. Privacy is King. Online faxing allow you to receive confidential faxes directly. Traditional fax machines sit in a remote room and are shared by all employees. Online faxes come directly to the recipient’s virtual desk. This means your coworker won’t get a peek at your latest mortgage deal as they so thoughtfully bring it to your office.

Online faxing is better than traditional faxing for a number of reasons. These four are just a few to get you started thinking about all the possibilities. Offering your employees mobile faxing will make your company more productive and happier. If you are a small business owner, you will reap benefits from having all of your documents in one location no matter where you are. Working smarter is what increases the bottom line.

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