Tech Toys for Big Boys

We are all still kids on some level and there are a few great toys that we would have loved when we were younger but couldn’t afford or couldn’t really use properly. From lasers to RC boats and cars, now is the time to realize those childhood dreams.

Laser pointers are a simple little gadget that can be both fun and functional. Lots of us have used them in the office for their intended purpose but we’ve also used them for their real purpose. Feeling like a science fiction hero. Laser pointer used to come in just red but they have really blossomed since then. They are now available in a range of colors from yellow to purple and everything in between. They also come in varied strengths from perfectly safe to those that will burn materials very quickly and need to be used with protective eyewear to avoid having your vision damage by the light radiation. These are great gadgets to play with but they are definitely not toys and should be kept out of the hands of children.

RC vehicles are awesome. I played with many different cars and even hovercrafts when I was younger but the real world of RC vehicles is a lot more advanced than anything I dealt with. Remote control boats planes and cars are just a few of the options. Some of them are still run on internal batteries but many use actual gas engines and I have even seen steam powered custom jobs on the market. These vehicles take a lot of maintenance and they need to be taken care of and cleaned regularly. When dealing with RC boats you need to make sure that they are rated for the kind of water you plan to use it on. Salt water will tear apart an RC boat if it’s not designed for it.

There are lots of gadgets out there and these are just a couple suggestions. See if there is an adult version of a toy you loved as a ki and upgrade your days off.

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