How to Untethered Jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPad and iPod.

A4 apple device owners, lend me your ears! You might probably heard about this many times before and finally.. its here! iOS 5 untethered jailbreak is now available for your a4 devices (iPhone 4, iPad and iPod) thanks to the great Pod2g and the other devs who worked hard for it.

Here’s how to do it:

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1. Download and install Redsn0w for Windows and Mac PC.

2. Run the Redsnow app and then click on “Jailbreak“. Put a check mark on the “Install Cydia” box. Follow the instructions on the screen.

3. Wait a few seconds and you’re done!


As always, we are not responsible should you mess up your phone and burn your eyelashes for disappointment and look for best eyelash growth serum afterwards. But don’t worry, we never heard of such incident so far. Unfortunately, we still haven’t got any news about the jailbreak magic for A5 devices but we’ll let you know as soon as its announced.

Were you able to Untethered Jailbreak your A4 device? Let us know if it worked for you on the comments section below.

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