Blizzard finally announces Diablo 3 release dates

Blizzard fans won’t need to wait for long as Blizzard entertainment finally announces its official release dates for the most awaited Diablo 3 action-rpg pc game.

Diablo 3 will be officially launched on May 15, 2012 says Blizzard and it will be initially available for purchase in United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Southest Asia (including the Philippines), Australia, New Zealand and parts of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. 

The game will also be available in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil but in a digital format (download format) only on March 15, 2012. The standard version of the game will cost about  $59.99 at retail stores and on download formats.

You can also get the Diablo 3 digital download-copy of the game for FREE when you take advantage and sign up on World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion which will, unfortunately, ending on May 1, 2012.

[via Blizzard Entertainment]

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