How Does Beacon Resources Research and Source Talent?

Finding the right talent can feel like searching under rocks for buried treasure, but the process doesn’t have to be so hit and miss. With Beacon Resources, you’re working with Orange County headhunters who have refined the process of candidate researching and sourcing down to an art form that yields outstanding results.

Leveraging the Latest Technology

In the modern era, the best employment agencies understand how to use technology to their advantage. This means using not only the best candidate screening and recruitment software, but knowing how to leverage the power of social media to reach candidates. Jobseekers engage with social media content in relevant ways, which funnels qualified candidates into the potential applicant pool for potential screening and selection.

Direct Applications

Every job profile crafted by Beacon Resources is designed for maximum engagement while minimizing poor quality results. Direct applications to job advertisements often result in a strong pool of high-quality talent responding to the personalized client criteria included in each job profile, leading to a number of direct applications from top-level talent.

Networking and Outreach

A solid network of professional contacts is essential to sourcing the best candidates. Networking and outreach, including attending events, conferences, and job fairs, gives Beacon Resources the opportunity to directly connect with prospective candidates and form a lasting, positive impression.


Many of the best job candidates come as referrals from former jobseekers. Professionals who have worked with Beacon Resources before understand not only the process and values, but the criteria expected of the ideal candidate. Referrals are some of the most valuable ways to continuously build an excellent talent pool.

An Ever-Growing Talent Database

Once Beacon Resources finds qualified candidates, they’re never forgotten. A well-organized and rich database of talented candidates means that a list of qualified candidates is waiting at the click of a button. Each candidate is assigned a talent profile that quantifies and categorizes their skills, making the right person just a search query away. Discover your next great candidate today bygetting in touch.

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