The Convenience of Flexible Packaging

Wherever we are, whether at home, office, shopping complex or at the train station or at the airport, everywhere we look, we get to see all kinds of packages. Whatever we buy, the product comes in some kind of package. The product could be in a paper box, a sealable pouch bag, a bottle, a can, and etc.

Packaging is used to contain the product before it leaves the factory or the place of production. Some products are packed individually but for the convenience of handling and transportation, they are then packed in larger boxes or container. Packaging is also for the protection of the products during distribution or for storage purposes.

In today’s modern world, the traditional packaging are making way for the modern packaging and one of them is the flexible packaging. These packaging are of high quality materials and they are hygienic. Edibles or perishable products are usually vacuumed packed to preserve the quality and the safety of the products. It is also to prolong the shelf life of the products. Traditional packaging will have hand written or printed labels stuck onto them. With digital printing packaging, the labels are directly printed on the packages.

For edibles products such as food stuffs or medicines, there are usually different layers of packaging. The inner flexible layer is to contain the product to be processed. It is vacuumed and protects the product from outside elements. The outer packaging is for marketing purposes. Attractive and convincing packaging and labels help to attract potential customers into buying the products. Attractive and colourful graphic designs on packaging play an important role in helping to promote and boost up the sales of the products. Epac is currently one of the best flexible food packaging.

The flexible food packaging is made from the lamination of flexible plastic, metal foils and etc. to form a multilayer structure. The flexible food packaging enables the food and drinks to be handled and packed by aseptic processing. This sterile packaging is a better alternative to traditional industrial canning methods for food and beverages.

Edibles that are packed with flexible packaging include liquid to fully cooked meals, heat-treated meals, ready-to-eat which can be eaten cold. These food stuffs while still inside the package can be submerged in hot water to warm up the food or the content can be poured out and heated in a microwave oven before eating. Flexible packaging is gaining popularity among producers of snacks, cheese and dairy items, pet food, lawn and garden products, natural food and medical items, etc.

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