The Dexim DWP005 Hub Dock Station

Instead of just plugging your usual iPod cord into your computer, there is now this Dexim DWP005. In some ways it initally looks like it’d just take up space. However, it’s slim, it’d keep your iPhone/iPod in the upright position, plus best of all it has other devices built into it. Giving you even more functions and a nice sleek dock to pop your iPod into. Since it is so sleek, you have the added perk of it being easy to just toss into your laptop bag for traveling purposes.

In addition to being a charger, it has a memory card reader and a 3-port USB hub built-in. Plus it has provided cables that work for devices that use micro and mini USB ports to recharge, such as the Blackberry. All around it gives quite a lot of function on a very small device. Sadly though, it is a bit pricey. It’ll cost you $69.99, which does seem a bit on the steep side. However, it offers quite a bit of functionality for that price.

I wish I’m in USA to buy this Dexim DWP005. I think it will take time for this product to go on sale here in the Philippines. Anyway, speaking of USA , I heard that a holywood celebrity was brought to a drug rehab. I just forgot his name.

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