iPhone 3.0 features list

Apple releases iPhone 3.0 update, launches long list of new features

Here’s the iphone 3.0 features list

1. Forward or Delete Individual Messages
2. Email up to 5 photos at a time
3. Shake to undo and redo typing
4. Shake to shuffle
5. Copy/Cut/Paste
6. MMS
7. Landscape Keyboard
8. Double click home button
9. Call history log
10. Hold link in safari to copy/open in new page
11. Auto Fill Usernames/Passwords
12. Type new message while previous is still sending
13. Spotlight Search
14. Voice Memos
15. YouTube
16. Safari
17. Moving app across pages
18. Parental Controls
19. Share Contacts
20. New App Store View
21. Note Syncing With iTunes
22. Encrypt iPhone Back Up
23. Mail Search
24. Notes Search
25. iPod Search
26. A2DP Bluetooth
27. Turn By Turn Navigation
28. Tethering
29. In App Purchasing
30. Peer-to-Peer Connectivity
31. Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe (Mobile Me Users Only) (New)
32. Force Quit An Application
33. Retry failed text message (exclamation point next to text)
34. Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Audiobooks downloadable over 3G (no size max)
35. Playback audiobooks in variable speeds
36. Calls from non-contacts include city and state of origin (or city and country)
37. Swipe to delete note in Notes
38. Album Art Displayed While Charging (instead of battery logo)
39. iPhone App Counter
40. Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 3.0

Here are the steps to download the iPhone 3.0
Step 1

Make sure you are using iTunes 8. Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2
When iTunes opens, select your iPhone under Devices in the Source List on the left.

Step 3
In the iPhone Summary pane, click Check for Update.

Step 4
Click Download and Install. Do not disconnect your iPhone until the update has finished.

If you’re experiencing issues with your iPhone 3.0 software update because the Apple servers are overloaded.

Here’s how to fix the iPhone activation server temporarily unavailable error:

1. Click Update in iTunes.
2. Wait till you get the message “Expanding package” with a progress bar.
3. Disconnect your internet (Turn Airport off or simply take the Ethernet cable out).
4. Wait for the update to complete.
5. Reconnect internet.

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