Flip Video to debut Wi-Fi Capable Pocket Camcorders

When Apple announced video capability in the iPod Nano and a video camcorder in the iPhone 3Gs, Cisco saw a dramatic increase in YouTube video uploads. And as such, they saw the handwriting on the wall. Sure, the Flip has the edge with HD, but to have an all in one solution with the iPhone has forced Cisco, the new owners of Flip Video, to get working on a response. And to that end, they’ve announced that the next model of the phenomenally successful Flip Video Pocket Camcorders will come with built in Wi-Fi. But that’s not all.

In addition to being able to transfer video wirelessly, new Flip models will also have double the onboard memory (although they should just bite the bullet and put in an SD card already) a larger screen which will slide up to reveal control buttons, and have the capability to not only upload to YouTube, but also direct Facebook uploads via the wireless connection.

The first model to get the Wi-Fi overhaul will probably be the MinoHD line and rumor has it we’ll see an actual mockup of it at CES this January.

You know, I rather like a feature war between Cisco and Apple brewing. It only means that the consumer will be the ultimate winners. Who knows, maybe we’ll see a new iPhone with HD capability.

So if you are in hotels in panama city beach or wherever there’s wifi, you can always update your friends by uploading your video to your online accounts.

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