Circulation Improving Seated Stepper

How many of you out there are cubicle zombies, spending most of your days in front of a monitor while furiously tapping away at the screen, like my friend who work for a Oklahoma attorney? Well, just like a long haul, flight, we would recommend you get up and about to keep blood flowing to your legs, and the Circulation Improving Seated Stepper sure sounds like a pretty handy tool to get you started.

This is the low-impact stepper that keeps blood flowing to minimize swelling while seated. Lightweight and portable, the device can slide easily beneath your desk at home or at the office. The two footpads provide resistance using strong elastic bands; each step tones your legs and hips, burning calories and improving circulation. Two additional elastic bands with foam handholds extend from either side of the unit, providing a workout for the arms. You can increase the resistance by adding the included additional set of bands. A built-in timer located between the two footpads tracks your workouts.

Made from sturdy steel and being able to fold easily for convenient storage, the Circulation Improving Seated Stepper retails for $49.95. I suppose companies that want to cut costs can always look to purchasing these for their executives instead of hiring masseurs on a weekly basis.

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