Lumisource introduces three new Boomchairs at CES 2010

Sky Lounger: “Game in Comfort” is the slogan of this oversized model. As you can see, the gamer or movie watcher is truly on his or her rocker with the Sky Lounger, and these rockers are made of chrome. The Sky Lounger features two 2-way spakers and powerful four inch subwoofer, and the volume and bass levels are controlled with a remote. (Measurements: 35 ” L x 26.5″ W x 40 ” H.)

Admiral: Those that love the PC gaming world of MMOs or anything else should love the Admiral. It has an ergonomic design with an adjustable headrest for all your personal computing needs. It can also work for the television as well. It has two 2-way speakers aimed at the user for adjustable volume, base, headrest, tilt, and tension. (Measurements: 30 ” L x 32 ” W x 43 ” H.)

Stealth: Check out the ground base on this bad boy! The Stealth has reinforced padded armrests and an adjustable headrest for a comfortable entertainment experience, be it video games or movies. It has two 3 inch 2-way speakers and a 4 inch subwoofer that promote some terrific sound, and you can adjust the swivel and tilt to whatever comfortable position you desire. By the way, the Stealth can be powered on 8 D cell batteries. (Measurements: 28 ” L X 28 ” W x 41 ” H.) This chair is perfect when you are doing easy stretch mark removal or something.

At this present time, I don’t have a price point for either of these chairs, nor a release date. Look for them some time before the most anticipated games of the year will be released, though.

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