Innov-ís 2500D USB Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are one of the great inventions credited with transforming the economies of global societies. In 1851 that Isaac Merritt Singer, after studying a poorly working example, spent $40 and 11 days to develop a practical sewing machine that used an up and down mechanism.

Innov-ís 2500D USB Sewing Machine is a very complex one, having a high-resolution touch screen LCD which allows the sewing machine to be controlled by selecting the type of stitches or the embroidery pattern, but also permits the editing and viewing of models. It can be used in urban clothing and more. Moreover, this provides quite a large number of sewing-related functions, as for example the possibility of making reinforcement/reverse stitches, quilting stitch functions as well as decorative stitches (70 decorative stitches models included). Moreover, it sports a My Custom Stitch feature, which allows the users to customize their decorative stitches.

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