Cardio Workout Gadget: Cardio Canine

Today, more and more people are looking for information on how to get rid of stomach fat. Many people are concerned at the excess flab that seems to accumulate even more at this time of year, now that the festivities are over and life begins to drift back to normality.

The secret on how to get rid of stomach fat is to reduce your food portions but still exercise, look you can still eat a lot of the things you like as long as they are nutritious but eat smaller portions this will allow you to lose weight without the dangers of starvation.

If you really want to stop wasting time at the gym, this is how to get rid of stomach fat – get into cardio workouts that gets your heart pumping. Exercises like interval training … and any kind of ‘stop and start’ sports like basketball, tennis are effective in getting rid of stomach fat! It simply burns more calories than a standard boring run on a treadmill.

In line with cardio workouts, I’ll introduce to you the cutest cardio workout gadget, or cardio exercise equipment that is great for all canine lovers!

Cardio Workout: Cardio Canine

A “hands free” human harness and dog lesh, with a secure water bottle holder. Your dog’s leash is attached to the Cardio Canine belt, which sits securely on around your waist. Now your hands are free for other things, like carrying doggy treats, or picking up droppings.

Having the Cardio Canine around the waist seems better than trying to manage your dog in one hand, and doing something else with the other. If the dog is leashed at the waist, you as an owner have more power and control because power comes from your core. Your legs are the next powerhouse in helping you control your stability, and offers leverage of force when needed.

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