Say hello to a healthy you with fish oil

Maintaining optimun health is important specially now when there are a lot of factors that can easily cause us to be sick or stressed. Primary solution to stay healthy is to get enough exercise, enough sleep and a healthy diet.
But are there any other options available for us to safeguard our health  and lead to more fulfilling lives?
The answer is yes fortunately. We can always tap into the over the counter multivitamins and the immense power of the food supplement such as fish oil, which contains Omega-3, specifically DHA and EPA, which are essentially fatty acids that promote heart health, among others.
Recently, I was introduced to this new fish oil product that helps not just our health but also the environment. “Cenovis Fish Oil”, the newest fish oil brand that recently produced here in the Philippines, comes from Peruvian waters, one of the world’s cleanest seas.
Unlike other fish oil that came from shrk, seals, cod and other big fish, Cenovis fish oil comes from three kinds of small fish: anchovies, mackerel and sardines, which have a short life span making them less exposed to pollutants and contamination in the seas.
Moreover, fish oil extraction of Cenovis is done in a highly advanced and sanitary process in Norway and each soft gel capsule is individually packed for freshness.
Cenovis Fish Oil is now available in all major drug stores nationwide and cited as the cheapest availabe fish oil brand in the market today.

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