Water-powered Alarm Clock

Looking for a alarm clock to put beside your cute little cabin beds?

You and your roommate must check the new water-powered Alarm Clock. The Water Powered Alarm Clock is truly revolutionary as it doesn’t require battery or electricity to function. Equipped with a reservoir that holds around 28 oz. of tap water, the alarm clock converts the water’s electrons into an electrical current to power!

Requiring no batteries or AC plug, this is the alarm clock powered entirely by water. The reservoir holds 28 oz. of tap water and its internal electrolytic “engine” converts the water’s electrons into an electrical current that powers the clock for up to 12 weeks. A fresh watering of the clock continues operation–an internal memory chip retains the clock’s time during a refill so resetting the time isn’t necessary. A button cycles between month/date and time on the LCD screen. Gray or Blue. 6 1/2″ H x 4 1/2″ W x 5″ D. (9 oz.)

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