Space Saving Closet Organizer Hanger Hook

Now that the Holidays are gone. You can keep those holiday costumes like parish clothing or Santa Clause costume using Space Saving Closet Organizer Hanger Hook for Clothes.

For $4.24, you will never be worried about the mess of your room with this mini hanger. It can hold your clothes and other small things easily and conveniently. With 10 small hooks on it and it will hold the things on it firmly.


This Clothes Gadgets Hanger is a magic space saver; these ingenious hangers will give you the extra closet space you’ve always needed.
Made from tough and durable plastic material.
This Gadgets Hanger features the long handle and with many small hooks, quite easy to hang it onot the wall.
Organise your clothes and save time getting dressed.
Each hanger has 10 small hooks and it could hold a variety of things.
You can hang your tie, your clothes, your bag and other things on this Clothes Gadgets Hook conveniently.
Size: 49cm long. Approx.
Color: As picture shows.
Weight: 103g.

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