SieMatic Grid S2

If you want your kitchen to be modern like your modern sofa, why not try the SieMatic Grid S2. SieMatic Grid S2 is a multimedia cabinet designed to give us what we all want: to bring the living room entertainment center to the kitchen.

I suppose that this is to alleviate the problem that we all have of trying to cook while watching TV or a DVD. I once burnt up a meal because I was distracted by a really good scene on TV.

I can’t tell if this is a cabinet because this touchscreen is some door of an actual cabinet or if “cabinet” is some figure of speech. Either way, you can play a TV, DVD, or even dock your iPod and watch a video that way. Not only can you watch a video while you’re cooking, but it will give you warnings of when your dish is done with on-screen progress reports.

The Grid S2 also has a pullout drawer behind the monitor for all sorts of accessories like a remote control, wireless keyboard, and DVDs. As I have said before, everyone wants TV in the kitchen, but the one thing that prevents that is how sauces and other kitchen messes get on the screen. What I don’t know is how this one needs to be cleaned. It had better be as easy as Windex and a paper towel.

So far, there is no word on when this will be available, but I am sure there will be eventually, and this will be for very expensive homes.

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