Things I Can Do #1 with Samsung Smart TV

The smartest TV in the planet has been unveiled and there are about gazillion things that we can do with it.

I can only enumerate so much though with features that this Samsung Smart TV has. Lemme start with my things I can do # 1 with Samsung Smart TV!


Watch Movies

As a movie enthusiast (and critic at times), it is essential for me to have a device that can deliver and show crisp and clear images whenever I watch movies at home.

As we all might know, everything is better in HD. With the huge availability of movies in Blu-ray released every single day, it is really important that we take advantage with such technology.

With Samsung Smart TV you can have full control of what you see in front of you with its Wide Color Enhancer Plus that allows you to see picture color the way the director originally intended, thus seeing a movie like in cinema in the comfort of your home.

An optional 3D Active Glasses sync up with this 3D TV can produce 3D images that virtually leap off the screen and makes my entertainment system ahead of what my friends currently have.

All I’ve got to always do now is to turn down the lights, get a big bowl of popcorn and my favorite chair and a movie night at home with friends or family is always great with Samsung Smart TV.

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  1. The color enhancer is such a great new option to really improve the viewing experience…..looking forward to see how does this piece of technology really works…

    Great eye openner article.

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