[Preview] Facebook launches Timeline

Facebook has launched a new concept for its social network where we will have a multimedia archive that highlights our most important life moments which can be shared to anyone, The Facebook Timeline, a multimedia collection of memories that, they claim, aims to revolutionize the concept of social networking.

Here is what your Timeline looks like once it goes live:

Timeline will launch to users in the coming weeks. People will be able to add apps to their Timeline to show friends what they love, seamlessly update Timeline with their activity as they go, and have an easy way to reengage with the app.” says Bret Taylor, Facebook CTO.

How Timeline works?

Timeline basically works like a personal online biography, it is meant to be the story of your facebook life since you joined the giant social network. It will show you your past Facebook updates in one single page.

“Millions of people have spent years curating their lives and there’s nowhere to show this. We think we have the solution. The original profile was the first five minutes, the stream was your 15 minutes, now I want to show you the next. This is the heart of your Facebook experience, reworked from the ground up. We have been working on it the whole year and we are calling it Timeline” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, in a speech to better describe what Timeline is all about.

To make Timeline feature more enjoyable, a new breed of ‘Open Graphenabled apps are created to possibly show other people what you’ve been doing. Bret Taylor cited an example in a facebook blog: “For example, I love to cook. I want an app that lets me add the recipes I cook on my profile, and at the same time, discover my friends’ recipes. The opportunities are endless, such as building an app for runners to share their routes and achievements, photographers to feature the photos they take, and music lovers to share their playlists and top albums with friends. Develop Open Graph apps that will make Timeline the personal, expressive page we believe it can be.”

Many people are bothered for their privacy such as this F8 viewer asking if whether her “past relationship be on her timeline” as Timeline can be viewed by others. Facebook though assured that users can opt to choose which person you can show your timeline.

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