[Rumor] Apple to discontinue iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle

There’s this rumor going around the net that Apple will now be discontinuing their production of iPod classic and iPod Shuffle. The Unofficial Apple Weblog talks about it with a manner of certainty, claiming that iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle are “getting cut from Apple’s product portfolio sometime this year”. It is said that the big announcement will be revealed on the Apple event on Oct. 4th.

Some people don’t really care, while some people are alarmed. iPod shuffle are popular among sport buffs that prefer listening to music without having to carry a much bigger and bulky audio player. “The iPod shuffle is the most ideal for dancers and athletes. Anyone who moves around a lot. It is the ideal for me. I would hate for it to go away!” says one iPod shuffle user. iPod Classic on the other hand has been the profound pillar and the mother of all the iPods, just like Reeds diamond engagement rings, that people are enjoying today. Storage space and its cheapo price are the major concerns for its users. Not to mention its compatibility for most car audio systems, more and more people are still considering iPod classics over its newer-gen siblings.

The imagery of such idea seems not so inviting for most specially for those people that used to tinker such devices on a daily basis. Will you ever miss iPod Classic and iPod shuffle once Apple decided to discontinue them? Let me know your thoughts on the comments section below.

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