Smart offers unlimited Facebook access for FREE!

Starting today, June 8, 2012, Smart subscribers now have all the reason to be proud of their carrier. Smart Communications announced yesterday that they will be offering free unlimited facebook access exclusively for their subscribers!

“Starting June 8, access to Facebook will be offered free for over 50 million Smart subscribers, and they can get on the social networking site with virtually any kind of cellphone they have in their hands.”

— says Smart communications in a press release yesterday June 7, 2012.

Here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this unli Facebook access for FREE!

Step 1: Text “FB” (without the quotes) and send to 211.

Step 2: Wait for an SMS containing a link to Smart’s official “facebook for all” page. Click on the link.

Step 3: Simply follow the instructions on the page to get the ‘Facebook Mobile App’.

All you have to do now is to maintain at least Php1.00 balance on your account to have an unlimited access to Facebook mobile. Non smartphone users can also take advantage of this offer for as long as they are registered and can open up their browser by simply going to Facebook’s mobile site

Please do take note though that the Free access will be exclusively for the FB app and mobile site only and you will get charged if you click on a link to browse videos, news articles or even clicking on a picture of your neighbor boasting about his new Running Boards or any other content outside of Facebook.

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