SMART upgrades bestselling Unli Social Plan 349 with new smartphones

Subscribers won’t have to think twice about making the big switch to postpaid as SMART boosts its best-selling Unli Social Plan 349 by bundling it with the most in-demand handsets. Subscribers can rely on SMART, the country’s biggest network, to power all their communication needs, allowing them to socialize with ease.

As SMART’s most affordable postpaid offering, the Unli Social Plan 349 combines the Unli SMS and Unli Social Stream services to give users the joy of texting and connecting to the net to their heart’s content. The Unli SMS feature lets them send an unlimited number of texts within the SMART network while the Unli Social Stream lets them browse and update their Facebook and Twitter accounts via the SmartNet app.

And what better way to do all those than with a brand new handset? With SMART Unli Social Plan 349, subscribers can choose between two smartphones bundled with the plan: the Netphone 501 that comes for free or the Samsung Galaxy Pocket for an additional payment of P495.

 Subscribers can meet all their communication needs with the Netphone 501 that comes free with the SMART Unli Social Plan 349.

With SMART Unli Social Plan 349, users can connect in style with the Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

Through this revolutionary postpaid service from SMART, users get both postpaid convenience and the coolest handsets for only P349 a month. They can freely keep in touch with their loved ones ¾whether it’s a short text message, a simple tweet on Twitter or a shoutout on Facebook¾without spending a lot.

Be unlimitedly social and score real value-for-money from the country’s leader in telecommunications. Avail of the SMART Unli Social Plan 349 today by calling our telesales hotline *887 or 8488877 or visiting the SMART branch nearest you.

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