The role of technology in a successful training event

In the technological age, high quality training facilities must include a wide selection of devices as standard to help support your session.

While you may have tried to avoid AV equipment in the past, if you want to stimulate and engage attendees, you’ll need to provide visual, interactive and audio resources via a technological platform.

Getting this right will allow you to have a truly successful training event. Get it wrong and your session will suffer as consequence.

The importance of technology

Businesses that embrace technology and innovation are those that have historically driven change and succeeded in the modern world.

Gartner’s 2013 Hype Cycle Special Report in fact recently identified that the gap between humans and technology in the workplace is narrowing – meaning technology is more important than ever.

Hung LeHong, research vice president at Gartner, explained that enterprises of the future will use emerging technologies to “improve productivity, transform citizen and customer experience, and to seek competitive advantage”.

In an increasingly connected and digitally stimulated world, being able to transmit engaging and interactive training through technology is not just crucial – it is expected. Poor quality, slow equipment and technical malfunctions will destroy a session, hindering the learning experience of attendees.

How can you deliver a technologically sound event?

The most important thing for delivering a technologically sound event is to choose the right venue. This will take the worry of providing the relevant devices off your shoulders. With an all inclusive package, access to equipment will be available at no extra cost, enabling you to get the most out of your company budget and your day.

Venues should offer the versatility and flexibility to create a bespoke technology strategy in the run-up to the event. An onsite technical team to manage any needs and potential challenges will also ensure your day runs smoothly.

Technical hiccups will damage the overall directness of training, harming return on investment for your business and the development of your talent pool of staff.

What technology needs to be included?

Wi-Fi is important for any training as it will keep attendees connected to their working life, allow them to access available resources and do additional research on matters discussed in the training.

Ensuring guests are technologically enabled essentially improves levels of engagement and will ensure the long-term success of your session.

A high definition short throw projector is also a must, while wireless presentation technology will enable you to transmit training via your own personal device.

Access to a blue-ray player and plasma screens will also ensure you have all your technological bases covered.

Benefits of on-site access

Creating a training session is stressful enough without having to worry about lugging computers, TV screens and projectors across the country.

By opting for a training centre with on-site facilities you can save yourself the hassle and responsibility of bringing your own technology, while resting comfortably in the knowledge that a team of experts are on-hand to sort out any glitches and help you get set up on the day.

You can also be sure that the equipment provided is of a high quality, unlike often rickety office goods we’ve all encountered in the past.

Meanwhile, on-site experts mean that if any of your guests find themselves in a technological tight spot, help is at hand.

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