Giveaway ideas for gaming companies

Gaming shows offer companies the perfect opportunity to showcase their latest titles and engage with their target audience. Fans will typically attend these conventions in order to find out information about their favourite franchises and catch a sneak peek of new releases.

However, if used properly, they can also double up as a fantastic chance to build up brand awareness. This is why gaming companies should consider what promotional products they want to give away at the event.


Visitors to a trade show or exhibition should enjoy receiving posters featuring their favourite characters and games. Why not try having a series of posters printed? Some posters could be signed by the software developers to create an extra level of exclusivity to your promotional giveaways. The posters could become collectors’ items – just like first editions of famous comic strips.


Seventy-four per cent of people say that trade shows are the best form of marketing. But how do you ensure your company stands out from other exhibitors? One option is for your team to wear branded hoodies – such as those available from promotional products provider 4imprint – as these present an excellent opportunity for thereyou to publicise your brand, logo, call to action and contact details. You could even arrange to print some extra hoodies to give away to the first 100 visitors to register their details at your stand. Contests and competitions can create a real buzz around a trade show hall and should help to increase footfall to your stand.


Much like hoodies, branded t-shirts are a great way to boost brand awareness. Gaming companies should not be afraid to experiment with designs. For example, the t-shirt could feature a well-known character from one of their games, or carry the tagline of a planned new release. If gamers like the design, they will wear them when out and about, which should provide a further boost to brand awareness.

Something a little different

Obviously, there are a lot of tried and tested promotional items that can be used at trade shows and exhibitions. However, organisations should not be afraid of doing something a little different. You could opt for a fun, light-hearted giveaway such as hand clappers, rubber ducks and juggling balls. While these gifts are not as practical as others, their uniqueness will help you to stand out.

Whatever products you use as promotional giveaways at your next gaming event, make sure your company’s logo and call to action are clearly visible. This will give you maximum exposure, which could make the difference when it comes to becoming well recognised and carving out a reputation in the gaming industry.

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