Benefits Of Sharing Digital Images

Medical imaging is a way that doctors can easily see areas of the body without performing surgery or other types of tests that can sometimes be invasive for the patient. After the scan is completed, the images are digitally sent to the doctor. There are quite a few benefits of this type of file sharing instead of waiting on the images to be produced like a picture that you might take with a camera.

The primary benefit of medical digital imaging is that it’s done faster so that doctors can quickly determine the treatment that you might need for any issues that are seen on the scan. It’s also an easier process to click a button to send an image instead of waiting for the film to finish processing before mailing or delivering the images to the doctor.

Multiple doctors can view the same images instead of sending the images to one doctor at a time. This will allow for the doctors to come together to decide on the best treatment if there are multiple areas of the body that are affected. The primary physician along with any specialty doctors can work together to decide on the best method of getting you better in the shortest time.

Digital images make it easier to track the progress and healing of the patient. After treatment begins, doctors can look at other scans that are done to see if the treatment is working. This will let the doctor know if something else needs to be done or if the current treatment can continue. Digital images help to reduce multiple scans that need to be done. Some insurance companies will only cover a certain number of scans each year. If digital images are used, then it can allow for the doctors to decrease the number of scans that are needed as everyone can see the results instead of one doctor needing one scan and another doctor needing another at a later time. It can save money for the patient who has to pay the copay for the insurance, and it can save the insurance companies money that is spent, keeping the costs for other patients down as well.

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