All About A Harmonic Scalpel

When it comes to advanced surgery, one of the best tools which can be used is a tool that goes by the name of the Harmonic Scalpel. The scalpel is widely used in endoscopic procedures and also in open surgical procedures. It uses ultrasound to perform its duties.

Unlike when using steel scalpels, the harmonic scalpel coagulates the blood during surgery to cut down on the normal bleeding that is present when using traditional steel scalpels. It is capable of sealing the blood vessels at much lower temperatures than electrosurgery methods are capable of. The specific types of surgery which the harmonic scalpel is most used in are cancer procedures, biopsies of the lungs, thyroidectomy, and more.

One of the big benefits of using the harmonic scalpel is its durability. It generally requires repair far less than other machines such as the Bovie. However, when the time comes that harmonic scalpel repair is needed, there are many qualified companies which can be used. In fact, many companies even offer loaner tools while the original equipment is being repaired. This means that there is no need for downtime when there are crucial surgeries to be performed. Return of repaired tools can be done in as little as two to three days. There is never a reason to let a malfunctioning tool slow down work.

Other benefits that the harmonic scalpel brings to the table are reduced recovery times for the patient who has undergone the surgery and also reduced bleeding during the actual procedure itself. By using the harmonic scalpel, surgeons have the ability to make far more precise cuts. This can lessen the scarring which can occur when using traditional steel scalpels. Unlike other instrument techniques, the exchanging of instruments is greatly reduced.

By using the harmonic scalpel in place of other methods when appropriate, the surgeon can deliver to the patient the benefit of less post-operative pain, a much earlier return to using the oral cavity when oral surgery is performed such as in the case of a tonsillectomy, and a quicker re-introduction to the basic activities of day to day life.

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