Rely on FASTECH for the Safe and Efficient Construction of Any Service Station Facility

It’s difficult to beat FASTECH’s team, when it comes to service station construction services. They can cover every detail from the design of the facility to the actual construction, while meeting all of the concerns of the client. This means the end result will be just what the client had in mind. Their dedication to quality and service is just as unshakable, when it comes to updating existing structures. Adding additions or altering an existing setup to accommodate new technology is a piece of cake with the FASTECH team.

When it comes to service station construction California, FASTECH can work on any type of facility. They’re experienced in the construction of fuel delivery systems and have also worked on car wash installations. Whatever your specific project, FASTECH has likely worked on a similar project in the past.
Some of their most recent projects have included designing and constructing petroleum/CNG/LNG/hydrogen service stations, as well as both the demolition and the construction of convenience stores and fuel supply stations. They have also upgraded fuel dispensing equipment and converted Stage II Vapor recovery systems.

Safety is always a concern for the FASTECH construction team, so you can be assured that they comply with all ADA regulations. Similarly, their construction crews are educated and trained in observing environmental protection policies, when dealing with underground fuel equipment and lines.

One of the services offered by FASTECH that you won’t find anywhere else is their patented installation method for sump pumps. This technique ensures the sump lids remain watertight, once installed. That’s a service that will pay for itself time and again.

Also, FASTECH can remove and upgrade fuel systems. This includes the entire system, both above ground and the underground system. Their experience in these kinds of upgrades makes it possible to complete the project more efficiently than would be the case in working with multiple contractors.

Whatever your project, you can trust the FASTECH construction crew to handle all of your needs. If you’re ready to work with a professional and experienced team, contact FASTECH today at 1-800-788-8815 and speak with one if their knowledgeable customer service representatives. Realizing your service station improvement plans is just this one phone call away.

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