Common Problems With Your Diesel Engine

Diesel engines continue to be an excellent investment, even as alternative fuels and new engine designs enter the market. With proper care, a diesel engine can outlast its competitors, often seeing twice the lifespan of a traditional gasoline engine. Identifying common problems early is the key to ensuring your engine is well-maintained and running smoothly.

Black Exhaust

While diesel engines usually emit more exhaust than other engine types, seeing thick, black exhaust can be a symptom of a larger problem. The stench and smog of this black exhaust can negatively impact the operator’s health and well-being, and typically it can be drastically reduced by checking your fuel system. Black exhaust is an indicator that the fuel to air ratio entering the combustion stage is wrong.  Without enough air in the mix, this is the result. Consider taking your vehicle or equipment in for service or even a new AirDog fuel system installation, since the problem is most likely with the fuel injector or filter.

Contaminated Fuel

Air and vapor can wreak havoc on your engine and produce thicker exhaust, but diesel’s viscosity puts it at risk for many other contaminants that do not usually affect other fuel types. Disruption and degradation of the engine can occur as a result of the presence of any of these thicker contaminants. Some examples are soot from regular use, water from a buildup of vapors, glycol, or sometimes even just diesel fuel dilution.  Taking your diesel rig into an expert technician regularly is the best way to prevent these remixes to your ignition that could cause total engine failure.

Lack of Power

If your engine is feeling less responsive or weaker, it could be another sign that your fuel system needs some TLC. Tank sloshing, an incorrect air to fuel ratio, or problems with the injection pressure can all lead to reduced output and higher fuel consumption. 

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