3 Tips For Keeping Your Printing Equipment In Top Shape

When you run a printing business, maintaining your press is integral to ensuring smooth operations, little to no downtime as the result of equipment malfunction, and higher profit margins. Routine cleaning and using a good anilox roll cleaner will keep your press in great shape.

1. Eliminate Old Residue Between Jobs

Don’t waste resources and money with botched print jobs due to residue leftover from a previous job. Thoroughly cleaning the anilox rollers between print runs reduces the likelihood you will need to redo a job because of residue.

While speed is valued in printing, it’s better to focus on quality so you don’t waste even more time and supplies by having to re-print a job.

2. Clean Your Anilox Rollers Regularly

Not all anilox roll cleaner is created equal. Find a quality brand of cleaner that will work on your ceramic or chrome rolls, will remove old ink and particles, and won’t erode your equipment. Look for a cleaner that has the proper acidity, and apply the recommended amount to the sponge when wiping down the rollers.

Regular cleaning might be boring, but it isn’t a task you want to skimp on if you want your press to run at peak efficiency.

3. Prevent Scoring On Your Rollers

If hard particles get stuck between the anilox roll and the doctor blades, this can result in scoring — lines of corrupted cells that stretch across the length of the roller. It’s expensive and frustrating to redo a job because of scoring. So how to prevent it?

Ensure proper pressurization is used when changing the doctor blades. Slivers of metal from improperly installed or over-pressured blades can break off and get stuck in the cells, resulting in the scoring effect. Take the time to make sure the new blades are housed correctly and are calibrated before use.

A little extra care and cleaning can extend the life of your printing press and keep your customers satisfied and returning to do business.

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