Nikon D60 Review

With 2.5 inches screen, Nikon’s D60 is a great camera with superb picture quality.

Anti-dust system & Eye sensor

What I like about Nikon D60, it has an anti-dust system. When you see the anti-dust system symbol appears, it’s cleaning the sensor and it is kept clean automatically. This feature is very important to a professional photographer. It prevents you from doing some editing. It also has a eye-sensor that turns off the LCD soon as the optical viewfinder is used.

Small and Compact

Nikon D60 only weighs 495g. The size of this camera is smaller compared to other SLR. So it easy to carry around.


Also, Nikon D60 is so simple. It reduced the number of buttons which make it user-friendly.


Another highlight feature of this product is its supplied lens. Nikon D60 comes with Nikkor DR 18-55mm Vibration Reduction (VR) lens. This is a good feature for people who have shaky hands like me. Not only this lens is so compact and lightweight, it also focuses quickly and it has a built-in optical image stabilizer. This len’s feature counters handshaking of your camera. It gives you more flexibility when shooting hand-held.

Picture Quality

With 10 megapixes, this camera produces very pretty sharp pictures. With 30 seconds Nikon D60’s maximum shutter speed, it produces superb night pictures. The image quality of this camera is so excellent.

My Opinion

With it’s great features I mentioned above, Nikon D60 is absolutely a recommendable camera.

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