The New Zune

Here goes the first look to a new gens of stuff. Introducing the third-gen of it’s kind – The Microsoft Zune.

It’s basically the same old Zune that most enthusiasts crave for with some, well, not so major changes. There are some new features but they’re just siblings to its old gens.

While Apple is still making prototypes and updates to their ipods/touches, Microsoft just boosts its capacities while dropping its prices. Well, at least there’s still a good news to that. This baby is just about the size of our granny’s ipod measuring 3.6×1.6×0.3in (HWD). Its comes with a bright 1.8in , boasting 320×240 pixel screen.

When it comes to images, this Zune can display a pretty sharp, crisps images supporting JPG files. I just don’t prefer a small screen but this surely will satisfy your eyes. And oh, did I hear you asking if it even go wireless? Well the answer’s yes dear. It can be sync to an 802.11g WiFi.

This player aint that bad at all. But theres still the feel of an ipod when Im touching it. I just dunno why but it really dissapoints me when players nowaday do look like ipods. Should we blame Apple about it?

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