Travel Translator comes handy in foreign countries

Going on a holiday can be fun, especially if you’re headed off to a foreign country where everything seems new to you in addition to having to adapt to a new culture and language. This fun feeling might not last too long as you start to get frustrated by your inability to communicate with the locals, especially for those who are particular about the kind of food they eat and how they like their steak done. Well, the Travel Translator will definitely come in handy as it is able to handle up to 12 languages.

It not only says the phrase you need out loud in the language of your choice, but will say it in your language as well as the translated one, so that you know exactly what you’re saying and can avoid any “excuse me but there seems to be a Belgian in my salad. Please contact a chiropractor” moments. This handy pocket sized gizmo holds over 8000 commonly used phrases in a whopping 12 languages, handily organised into eight categories, so the next time you’re desperately trying to buy some paracetamol after a few too many sambucas you’ll be able to zip in and out of the chemists without having to resort to an advanced series of mimes (with or without balloon animals).

We all know that learning a new language is no mean task, but we’re sure folks appreciate tourists who take the effort to connect with the local diaspora. The £39.99 Travel Translator ought to be something all English-speaking tourists not leave home without.

Anyway, I have o go and look for natural appetite suppressant.

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