Samsung’s USB Type MP3 Player U4

SAMSUNG’s USB Type MP3 Player U4 is fully focused on design and usability. Extremely slick with a high-gloss finish and round panel which is also featured in SAMSUNG LCD TVs. The 1” grey OLED display, and specialised user interface promises high quality audio and visual features. U4 is a USB direct model allowing simple transfer of data and charges efficiently. With 16 hours, three different gradations and two memories options of 2 GB and 4 GB.

FM w/ RDS, Voice/FM Recording, Datacasting, and Music Subscription is supported.

May not be available in certain regions.

Built in USB
U4 has a built in slim USB. So just slide out the USB, and you are ready to be connected to whether it’s your PC or your audio system, there is no need to hassle around with wires.


Inspired by change, U4 is cased in a beautiful colour gradation design. Colours include Crystal Rose, Navy Purple and Ocean Blue.

So whether you are in rv camping, schools, bar, or anywhere, U4 is the combination of style and feature. All the features you need, packed in a premium USB type casing.

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