LCD Photo Frame and Alarm Clock combination

I have the perfect gift for my wife this Christmas. I’ll give her a LCD Photo Frame and Alarm Clock combination, instead of the diet pills she’s asking.

LCD Photo Frame and Alarm Clock combination allows for you to have the comfort of using an alarm clock that you trust and keep pictures of your family with you. Of course it won’t help make your hotel bed more comfortable, but at least it’s something.

The photo frame will hold 30-80 pictures in it, all depending on the size of the pictures themselves. It has a built-in memory capacity of 4MB. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can plug a memory card into it to expand the amount of memory available. However, it’s forgivable since it is just a small photo frame. The alarm clock has the usual features that an alarm clock would, it’s nothing special. You can purchase the set for £19.95 or about $33

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