Lifepod Cyber Pet Carrier with built-in speakers

Those of you that enjoy carrying your precious pets around with you in public, instead of letting them walk, will enjoy this bag. Especially if you’re a person that’s highly attached to your music. It’ll let your pooch jump up and down within the bag to your favorite song. If that’s not enough to make you carry the bag, it might help things along that the bag was given to last year’s Oscar attendees.

You can hook the bag up to your iPod, a plain old MP3 player or even your laptop. Hopefully your dog won’t manage to chew through any cords though. It would also be bad if your puppy decided to pee within the bag too, considering the hefty price tag. Oddly they don’t mention if they’ve tried to protect the speakers from moisture of any kind. At $175 a piece, you don’t have to look for cheap insurance, it’d be nice to know this pet carrier is puppy proof.

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