Electrolux Silent Vacuum concept has iPod dock

Silent Vacuum is a new concept vacuum cleaner from Electrolux. The Silent Vacuum is simply a step up from the UltraSilencer, a model that is readily available. Of course, we all know from vacuuming that it really sucks, and even though no one can hear you scream in a vacuum of space, every in your house can hear you when you’re vacuuming.

So, if the job of sucking up dust in the ceramic tiles must be done, why not put a fun spin on it, and put an iPod on the thing. In fact, after the jump is a video of a somewhat scientific study of what happens when you mix music and vacuuming.

They found that people danced to the rhythm, and moved their hips. This resulted in more calories being burned. Plus, hard rock made them work faster. Oddly enough Jazz music make the vacuum people more precise. All of these adds up to less stress.

I’m guessing that Electrolux is probably moving forward on this model, and we’ll soon see a vacuum cleaner with an iPod dock. However, can’t you just wear your iPod and earbuds? Granted, the vacuum won’t be charging your iPod, but you will have the same effect, right?

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